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What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a style of portrait photography with an artistic emphasis on romantic, sensual and sometimes erotic themes. 

Although this type of photography is often confused with nudity sessions with sexual connotations, the boudoir session differs with its artistic approach which can be perceived more as a celebration of femininity and masculinity in its pure state.


This type of photography can be done indoors, in studios and outdoors. It is also popular to choose this type of photography in maternity session.


Reserve your sessions

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Choose from the services offered below or send me a message using the form below to book your session or to get in touch with me.

Boudoir session - 1 hour

  •  Duration of one hour

  •  15 retouched photos

  •  $250.00 CAD


Boudoir session - 2 hours

  •  Duration of two hours

  •  30 retouched photos

  •  $400.00 CAD


Boudoir Session

  • Variable duration

  • Custom number of photos

  • Price to be determined according to your project


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