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What is portrait photography?

A portrait photo session is a session in which you are the star. 

It's often the most popular and contemplated one since it encompasses many different types of photography, such as:
- Individual photos

- Couple photos

- Family photos

- Photos with your pet

- Maternity photos

Portrait sessions have an emphasis on the person photographed rather than the context, background and setting. This is the type of session used for fashion photos, corporate photos, individual photos, model portfolio photos, etc.


Reserve your sessions

Want to book your portrait session?

Choose from the services offered below or send me a message using the form below to book your session or to get in touch with me.

Portrait session - 1h

  •  One hour long

  •  15 edited photos

  •  250,00$ CAD

Portrait session - 2h

  •  Two hours long

  •  30 edited photos

  •  400,00$ CAD

Portrait session

  • Variable duration

  • Custom number of photos

  • Price varies depending on needs


Contact me

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