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What is thematic photography?

This type of session is designed for any artistic and creative project that requires a lot of preparation, expertise, photoshop or more.

Do you want to be a genie who comes out of his lamp? Do you want a black light photo shoot, giving your skin a luminous look? Want to be a viking? This type of session is for you!

Any project you have, let's discuss it and see the possibilities!

This product is often in demand for:

  • CD or book covers

  • Marketing signs

  • Special advertisements

  • Covers for films and series

  • Birthday gifts

  • Creative and unique memories

The creative session is often called a thematic session as well.


Reserve your sessions

Want to book your creative session?

Choose from the services offered below or send me a message using the form below to book your session or to get in touch with me.


Black light session

  •  Duration of 3 hours

  •  1 hour of photos

  •  1 hour to 2 hours of   preparation

  •  15 retouched photos

  •  $290.00 CAD


Thematic session - 1h

  •  Duration of one hour

  •  15 edited photos

  •  Starting at $250 CAD


Thematic - Custom

  •  Custom duration

  •  Number of photos   variable

  •  Variable price


Contact me

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon.

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